Toby Bartles
My work is expressed through the intimate and tactile nature of working with my hands. For me this is best translated as something small. However, there is also a desire to expand onto a larger scale. My interest in this transition propels me in my work today.

The imagery I create in my current body of work comes out of drawing and the use of ballpoint pen. This imagery references biomorphic-like forms, reminiscent of underwater animals from the cephalopod order such as the nautilus and giant clam. I enjoy working with ballpoint for multiple reasons, but primarily due to its ability to hold an even line that is immediate and direct. Over time I have noticed how the ballpoint gives off the illusion of carving. This perception is brought about from the sound and texture produced by moving the pen across the surface of the paper. I find this to be a unique way of translating the art of drawing into sculpture; a medium I also work with through the profession of building dry stonewalls.